10 Things to Help You When Your Buying A Used Pool Table


1: Use the  room sizing chart below to find out what size pool table you should buy 7', 8', or a 9'.

Room Size Chart

2: Decide whether you want a furniture or a commercial style pool table.
A furniture style one normally has leather web pockets and carved wooden legs. A commercial style table is more like one you will find in a pool hall with a tough construction that is built to handle abuse and normally has plastic drop pockets or ball return.

3: Now that you know what style pool table you want its time to find one. We sell a large selection of new and used pool tables and only carry top brands so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting a quality pool table if purchased from us. All our used tables have been completely inspected before we offer them up for sale, we also include delivery, setup, new cloth any color, new play accessories and a warranty with all tables we sell. But if you are looking elsewhere for your new to you pool table use the information below to insure you’re getting a quality table that will last and play its best. You can take advantage of our pool table moving and inspecting service for this to.
When you find one you like look for the following to insure that your getting a good table and not a piece of junk.

4: Make sure its a 3 piece slate table this allows each piece of slate to be leveled separate and thats how you get a perfectly level playing surface. (On a 1 piece slate you can only level the table on the ends and in the center so you cant get a 1 piece one nearly as level. And it cost more to move a 1 piece)

5: Look to make sure it has either slate backing or a slate liner. This allows the cloth to be stapled on the bed, and the cloth can be stretched a lot tighter. (If the table doesn't have this then the cloth has to be glued on)

6: When you look the table over check to see if it need new rail rubbers. You want to check this before you buy it because if it does need new rail rubbers you can talk them down on the price of the table. (The cost of new rail rubber is around $350 installed for most tables, but you also have to put new cloth on the table when you replace them call for pricing)
To check then take your hand and push on the rails in the same direction that a ball would hit them. They should be firm but pliable, if they are rock hard or really soft they need replacing. Also bounce some balls around and look to see if they rebound off all the rails the same or if they make a loud thud sound. 

7: Now that you found a good table and your about ready to have it moved you need to decide if you want to put new cloth on it also. If you re-cover the table at the same time we move the table it is about half of what it would cost if you had us come out on a later date and do it. This is because we will already have the pool table apart and lts less labor for us to do at the same time as the move.

8: Now that your ready to have the table moved. DO NOT TRY AND MOVE THE POOL TABLE IN ONE PIECE! I see lots of people make this mistake, and it always ends in the table getting damaged. You need to have someone that knows what they are doing move it and this is because it is a 3 piece slate table and it needs to be taken completely apart to move. If you try and move it by just taking the legs off and getting some buddys over you will slip the slate seams and it will have to come completely apart to fix. also you will most likely scratch the table up really bad at best.

9: Give us a call at LEVEL BEST BILLIARDS SERVICE and we will fix you up with a great price, (770) 598-0550.
When we move the pool table we mark the slate and the frame to insure all the slate screws go back in the same holes. We also bag the hardware and fold the cloth and last we wrap all the rails in pads before we load them in our box truck for extra safe transportation of your pool table.
At the new location we then center the table up where you want it and put it back together with the existing cloth level ready to play like new.
If you want you can save money by Re-felting it at the same time. Its cheaper to do it now while we have the table apart.

10: Now its time to enjoy playing pool on your new pool table.

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